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Which Thermostat are you looking for?

We have a Thermostat for everyone.

Residential Thermostats

Advanced Internet Room Thermostats for your home.
Internet room thermostats
Geolocation - control your heating automatically based on your phones location.

Fully monitor and control your heating anywhere.

Wired and Wireless solutions.

Residential Thermostats from only £159.99

Residential Thermostats from only£159.99

Landlord Thermostats

Save money with our Thermostats for rental properties and HMOs
Internet room thermostats
Perfect for controlling excessive heating whilst still allowing comfort for tenants.

Lockable features, minimum & maximum temperatures, tamper alerts.

Add as many Thermostat/properties as you like to one account.

Landlord Thermostats from only£174.99

Calendar Thermostats

Programmable Thermostats for your bookable rooms or holiday homes.
Internet room thermostats
Your guests will arrive to a warm room at minimum cost to yourself.

Great for any holiday home, village hall or scout hut allowing control of the heating from afar.

Integrates with your iCalendar booking systems to control your heating based on occupancy

Calendar Thermostats from only£199.99