How we saved over 40% in our packaging

Posted on January 13th, 2021

If you are one of our long-term customers and have recently purchased an Ignite Wired Thermostat, you may well have noticed our new packaging boxes.

Not only does this give the units a far more professional look and feel but it has also sped up our boxing process by halving the number of cardboard parts. This has resulted in reducing the cardboard used by over 40%! (and saved us considerable space in our store room)

Old Packaging
New Packaging

How did we achieve this?

We worked with our packaging provider to create a novel solution where one internal piece of card folds in many places to securely hold the contents. The external sleave locks these folds in place, providing a strong rigid box.

Cardboard Engineering at its finest!

The internal cardboard starts with a flat piece of card. This piece has minimal wasted cardboard around the flap.

The cardboard is then folded to create this shape

Then we add the Thermostat, Screws and Manuals

Before sliding this into our outer carton

Providing a fully assembled box, using less packaging, that can also be fully recycled

Wireless Thermostat

But what about our Wireless version? This is due a similar redesign, of which we will update you in the next few months.