Connecting the Thermostat to the Internet

There are two methods to get the Thermostat connected to your Router. WPS and Access Point.


WPS is the easiest way of connecting your thermostat to the internet and almost all routers have this function available, if you do not have your WPS button activated or you wish to connect to a booster or extender then please proceed to Access Point Mode.

If you are having trouble connecting via WPS mode, then please skip straight to Access Point Mode.

**Important** If you are a Virgin Media Business customer, and you have a Hitron Router, then WPS will be disabled. Please follow this guide to enable WPS on your router - Hitron WPS Guide.

Press and hold CH MODE and HW MODE for 5 seconds.12345The display will show C1Now go to your Internet RouterFind the WPS button on your router   This may say WPS or be an iconPress and hold this button for around 3 seconds            to put your router into WPS modeAfter around 30 seconds, the normal display will return.         The signal bars will flash, before turning solid.The Thermostat will now be connected to the Internet                   and will show the correct timeClick the green arrow below to continue.Now return to your Thermostat12345
Please 'Click' the video above to start. Note you can pause the video at anytime by 'Clicking' the video to pause and resume.

Step by Step

If you are unable to view the video above then please follow these steps.
  1. Please start at the Thermostat, press and hold 'CH MODE' and 'HW MODE' for 3 seconds, the display will show C1. Note that this will time out after 2 minutes, so be quick on the next step.
  2. Now press your WPS button on your router, this will activate your WPS function.
  3. Then go back to the Thermostat, once the Router has connected to the Thermostat, the signal bars show, and the correct time will be displayed on the unit.
  4. That's it. Your Thermostat should now be connected to your new router. Return to your account page


If you have any issues finding the WPS button or do not know what the lights on your router mean, please use Google search to find your instructions. You will be able to search for your manual by using the information found on the back of your router.

If you can login to your router settings, please refer to your user manual, you will be able to see if your WPS button is enabled.

To reset the Inspire device, press and hold the 4 left most buttons on the Thermostat. Release when the screen goes blank. Wait 30 seconds, then try again.

Access Point

Alternatively, try to connect via Access Point mode.