Remote Thermostats for Bookable Rooms

Heating controlled automatically from your booking system.
All the benefits of our Landlord Thermostat, with the additional ability to link the Thermostat to a booking system.

A perfect companion for
  • Holiday Lets
  • Holiday Parks
  • Village Halls
  • Churches
  • Scout Huts

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Our Calendar Thermostat

Introducing our Calendar Thermostat
Control the heating based on room/building bookings.

Maximum Comfort at Minimum Cost.


Hallmaster is the leading online booking and invoicing system specifically designed for Councils, Churches, Village Halls, Clubhouses, Community Centres and all other bookable function rooms and facilities.

Integrate with your own website and start taking booking requests 24 hours a day. Avoid double bookings. Automatically calculate and generate invoices using different rates. Take payments online plus integrate with your Accounts Software, Inspire Heating and Door Access Systems. Telephone support and free training. Free upgrades. Daily backups. Free 90 day Trial or contact us to book a demonstration.

Features Include:

Integrates into your booking system. This will work on all booking systems that support an iCalendar export.

Fully configurable, for example, 1 hour before booking, switch heating on at 20 degrees. At the end of the booking, switch heating to OFF. Or turn temperature down to 15 degrees.

No need to get somebody in before a booking to switch the heating on, or rely on the attendees or guests to switch it off when they leave.

Do you have issues with guests adjusting the heating controls, despite notes asking them not to? Our system is fully configurable to restrict the heating controls so your attendees can only adjust the settings that you allow. E.g. they can adjust the temperature between a set range, but cannot adjust the program times.

Have more than one heating zone, or more than one property? No problem, you can add as many Thermostats as you wish to one account.

We have wired and wireless systems, as well as controls for Hot Water circuits.

Hear one of our directors discuss this exciting new version at, episode 3.

Buy now from only £279.99

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