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Landlord Internet Room Thermostat

The only Smart Thermostat for Landlords!

Introducing Inspire Home Automation’s state-of-the-art internet controlled programmable room thermostat.

Thermostats for Landlords This device enables you to remotely control, restrict and monitor your properties' heating controls from anywhere with an internet connection via a computer, tablet or mobile.


Fully remote setup and operation.

All our landlord features are configurable remotely, saving you from travelling to the property to make any adjustments.

Installation of the Ignite range is similar to that of a standard Programmer or Thermostat. An electrician/plumber/heating engineer who is confident in installing heating controls should have no problems installing the Ignite Thermostat. Once installed follow our simple 3 step setup process and you will be up and running in no time.

Buy now from only £179.99 and no ongoing fees.

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Thermostats for Landlords

After installation our landlords saved on average £213 per year, per property on their energy bills!

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See for yourself just how easy it is to save money with our tamper proof, fully remote controlled heating system.
Hot Water Controller

The only Smart Thermostat for Landlords!

Our Landlord Thermostat started in 2013 when some of customers asked if we could make a number of custom features for them. We soon realised the potential of this, and with a number of further enhancements, we now have the Landlord Thermostat you see today.

We are not aware of any comparable product on the market. Other Smart Thermostats do not offer anywhere near the feature set we have for Landlords. This can result in substantially less cost savings, and in a number of cases, no savings are made at all.

Landlord specific features

Remote Setup

All our landlord features are configurable remotely, saving you from travelling to the property to make any adjustments.
Residential Thermostats

Fully Lockable

This lockout feature prevents any of the program timers being changed locally by disabling the menu.


With our Thermostats you can lock or restrict the target temperature to prevent it being set to the maximum 24/7.

Restrict Functions

Remove functions from the thermostat, to prevent users from switching the thermostat on permanently.

Tamper Alerts

Get automatic notifications when the system is outside of its parameters by email and push notifications.

See when your heating is being used

Log in to your account and view the temperature inside your house last week, last month or even longer.
Find out when your boiler has called for heat and what temperature your house is being heated to.
99% compatible with current heating systems.
30 minute installation from a trained electrician.

Plug and Play

Our Thermostats are easy to use and even easier to install. Just simply get a trained electrician to replace your existing Thermostat with ours!

Get your hands on the Landlord Thermostat everyone is talking about.

buy now from only £179.99 and no ongoing fees.
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