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Frequently Asked Questions

Pre Sales
Using Your Thermostat
Network Configuration
Mobile Apps


I ordered a Landlord / Calendar system, but I think you have sent me the standard one.
The landlord features are activated during the unit registration process.

If you have already registered the account, but are not seeing the Locks pages then please contact us for further help.

I have just installed the unit, how do I control it remotely?
Follow our simple quick start guide to get your started - quick start guide

I am having trouble getting my 7 digit registration code from the thermostat.
Is the Thermostat showing the correct time on the display? If not, the most likely cause of this is that the unit is not connected to your Wi Fi router.
The easiest way to connect is to use the WPS connection as detailed in the user guide. However some routers are not obvious how to get them into WPS mode. If pressing the WPS button does not do anything, try pressing and holding for 2 - 3 seconds. Usually a light will illuminate or flash to indicate the router is in WPS mode. If the WPS button still does not do anything, it may have been disabled in the router settings. If you know the router login details (Check the router sticker for the default password), you could try enabling the WPS button, or connect using the "Access Point" method.

Pre Sales

Is the unit Battery Powered? And how long do the batteries last?
Our Ignite Wireless Thermostat (AA Alkaline Batteries) and Sensor Module (AAA Alkaline Batteries) are both Battery Powered. The batteries should last 1-2 years depending upon usage.

Our Ignite Wired Thermostat is mains powered.

If the internet connection is down, does my heating still work?
All of your settings are stored on the unit itself. In the event of no internet, your central heating will continue to follow the programmed schedules as expected. You can also adjust temperature, use the BOOST and PGM Advance features as well as switch modes. You won’t be able to make changes remotely to the system while the internet is down. Once the internet is restored, Ignite will automatically reconnect and be accessible remotely with no user intervention required.

What do I do if I want to upgrade from an NS100x unit to Ignite?
All you need to do is follow the below link to purchase your upgrade:

Can I control more than one property?
Yes, you can add all your properties to a single email account. Each property can be named, for example street name, to easily identify each system on your account. There is no limit to the amount of properties that can be added.

I do not have an existing Room Thermostat
If you wish to add a Smart Thermostat to your heating system, then our Ignite Wireless model is a good choice as you will not need to run a cable from the boiler / programmer to where you want your new Ignite Thermostat located.

If you want remote control of just the times and on/off function, then consider our Ignite Hot water option. This controls just on/off times for up to 2 channels (eg heating and hot water)

I switch my central heating on/off at the boiler controls or a programmer. How does Ignite allow me to control the heating on/off times?
Your new Ignite is a Thermostat and boiler timer/programmer in one. Your existing boiler programmer is simply switched to the ON mode, and this functionality is now taken care of by the Ignite Thermostat. This allows complete control of your central heating on/off commands, program times and the room temperature via the internet on your PC or smartphone.

What other equipment do I need?
You will need.
An internet connection with Wifi at the property
A heating system that works with external controls (Virtually all of them - eg it can be controlled by an external Programmer / Thermostat.)

Will this work with any central heating system?
There are simply too many variants of heating system on the market to guarantee this, however we predict that it will work with 99% of heating systems.

If you have a combi boiler, then check the installation manual to ensure that it will work with external controls (Virtually all of them do)

If it is a conventional system with a hot water cylinder, then if you already have standard controls, eg a programmer and / or a Room Thermostat, then Ignite can replace this.
It cannot replace a Honeywell smartfit system without replacing other components as well.

If you have an electric boiler, yes as long as it supports external controls (Most do)

If you have electric panel heaters, then the electrical load must be switched via contactors.

If you are still unsure, email us with your Boiler, existing Programmer and existing Thermostat make/model (where fitted) and we will check for you.

Does your system work with multi zone system?
Yes, both our Wired and Wireless Ignite systems are compatible with zoned heating. Once installed, each zone can be appropriately named on your account to easily see which zone you are adjusting.

How much does it cost? Are there any ongoing fees?
Prices start from only £159.99 for the Wired Ignite. This includes our class leading 3 year guarantee and VAT. There are no additional or monthly costs with using our system. The price you see is the price you pay. Obviously you will need an internet connection with Wifi at the property that you install our system into.

Can I control my underfloor heating.
If it is a wet underfloor heating system, and the zones are controlled by standard room thermostats, then yes our system will control this.

If it is a wet system that is controlled by a proprietary control system, then possibly. Please email uswith the make and model for more information.

If it is an electric underfloor system, then theoretically yes, but the electrical load must be wired via a contactor and the ignite system only measures air temperature. It cannot use a floor probe.

Can I install it myself?
We would always recommend professional installation by a qualified Electrician/Plumber/heating engineer.
It can be DIY fitted, but Part P of the building regulations must be followed and the installation should be in accordance to BS 7671 (IEE Wiring Regulations)

Can I install your system in a property that does not have an internet connection yet?
Yes the unit can be installed and the heating system commissioned without the internet connection. On the unit you can adjust the target temperature as well as switch modes eg OFF -> Auto – Manual, as well as BOOST. However the Auto setting will follow the device's default time and temperature settings, that you will not be able to change until the internet connection is live. Once the Internet connection has been installed, you will need to return to the property, connect Ignite to the Wifi Router, then add it to your account.

What is the difference between The Wired Ignite and the Wireless Ignite?
Both versions connect to the internet via Wifi.
The Wired/Wireless terms indicate how the Thermostat links into the heating system.

The Ignite - Wired (Heating Only) is mains powered (No batteries to change) and requires a 3 core cable that runs between the Thermostat and the boiler or wiring centre. This unit controls central heating only.

The Ignite - Wired (Heating and Hot Water) controls is also mains powered (No batteries to change) and requires a 4(S Plan) or 5 (Y Plan) core cable that runs between the Thermostat and the boiler or wiring centre. This unit controls central heating and hot water.

The Wireless Ignite has a Relay Module (Receiver) That wires in either next to your boiler or replaces an existing programmer. The Thermostat is battery operated and can be wall mounted in a suitable location. Wireless Ignite also controls hot water times if you have a hot water cylinder / megaflow.

So generally, if you can run / already have the appropriate cable in place -> Wired Ignite, otherwise -> Wireless Ignite

For wiring diagrams, please check the Installation Manuals

Do you offer an installation option?
No, however our system's wiring is similar to a standard central heating thermostat, so an electrician, plumber or heating engineer should be able to install our systems.

Using Your Thermostat

Can I set a lower overnight temperature?

I do not understand how to read the data on the graph that my thermostat is producing, what should I do?
The best thing to do is look for the white question mark in the green circle and click on this to reveal our help section specific to that page. This will provide you with all the necessary details on what is happening and why. If you feel that these are not helpful, then please do let us know so we can make the necessary changes.

When I have added a new unit under my email address, how can i switch between the two?
If you take a look to the right of the screen you will see the name of the unit you are currently looking at, hover over this and a drop down menu will appear with all the names of the units registered to that email address.

Is the unit Battery Powered? And how long do the batteries last?
Our Ignite Wireless Thermostat (AA Alkaline Batteries) and Sensor Module (AAA Alkaline Batteries) are both Battery Powered. The batteries should last 1-2 years depending upon usage.

Our Ignite Wired Thermostat is mains powered.

Can I control more than one property?
Yes, you can add all your properties to a single email account. Each property can be named, for example street name, to easily identify each system on your account. There is no limit to the amount of properties that can be added.

If I switch my heating to OFF for the summer, will the BOOST function still work?
In simple terms, Yes it will work as long as it is Enabled under Set Up.

How do I reset my Password if I have forgotten the old one?
Just enter your email address into the following link and you will be sent an email with a link to change the password.


How can I contact Inspire Home Automation if i need some help?
Just use our online chat, email helpdesk@inspirehomeautomation.co.uk or call us on 01202 798390

How do I Add a New Device?
All you need to do is follow the instructions on this link:

Boiler runs even when no call for heat.
Ensure that the CH flame is not lit on the Thermostat display. If a wireless ignite, the CH button on the Relay Module should be solid green (Not flashing)

If this has been wired into a combi boiler that previously did not have a Thermostat, there will be a wire link that needs to be removed from the boiler. (Usually linked between Live and Lr or Ls and Ls) Consult the boiler installation manual for further details.
If the call for heat has only just been stopped, the system may have a pump overrun feature. The boiler pump may run for a few minutes after the call for heat is stopped.

When I call for heat, the boiler does not switch on.
Ensure that there is a valid call for heat. There should be a flame symbol on the Thermostat. Ensure the CH Mode is set to “MAN” and the target temperature is above the room temperature. If a Wireless Ignite, the CH button on the Relay Module should be flashing green.

Wiring. (Wired Ignite) If you are wiring for 230v switching, ie you have 3 cores, L, N and Switch, then ensure that terminals L2 and 1 are linked. Ensure that Live and Neutral are not reversed (Check the other end of the cable as well!)

Another timer. If there is another programmer in the system, then the CH function on this programmer should be switched to “ON” If a combi boiler, ensure that any timeclock on the boiler is switched to “ON” or “1” and that the boiler is not set to “Summer Mode”

Wired Ignite - The Thermostat shows nothing on the display.
The display may have timed out, press any button to bring it back on.
Incorrect wiring. Ensure that you have Live and Neutral wired in. Confirm at the wiring centre or boiler and using a multimeter, that these cores really are Live and Neutral.

Where can I find your Installation manuals?
Our installation manuals are available here

Do you offer an installation option?
No, however our system's wiring is similar to a standard central heating thermostat, so an electrician, plumber or heating engineer should be able to install our systems.


The Thermostat Display occasionally dims.
Incorrect batteries installed. Your Room Thermostat should only be used with Alkaline batteries. Please note that so called “Heavy Duty” batteries are not alkaline batteries. Also, NiMH or NiCad rechargeable batteries are not suitable either.

The Room Thermostat display is blank.
Is Power saving mode enabled? (Set via the "Advanced" tab) If so, this will switch the display off after a period of inactivity to extend the battery life. Pressing any button on the thermostat will switch the display on.

Batteries exhausted. Replace the batteries.

Battery polarity wrong. Replace batteries noting the correct battery orientation (Both batteries have positive towards the top of the Room Thermostat)

Unit Malfunction. Reset the unit by pressing and holding all four buttons for 5 seconds.

My room thermostat will not pair, or repeatedly loses connection to the gateway
This is usually caused by interference or distance between the two units.
Log into your account, click the "Advanced" tab, then click "System diagnostics" to check the signal strength.
The connection can be improved by trying the following.
  • Both units contain a radio aerial. Ensure that there are no metal objects near the unit.

  • Do not place the unit on the floor.

  • Note that your internet router will also most likely contain a radio transmitter (WiFi) Therefore ensure that your Gateway and internet router are separated.

  • Move the Gateway closer to your Room Thermostat.

I cannot connect to my Thermostat from my phone / website.
Please ensure you have a connection to the Internet on your Phone or Computer.

Check the status lights on the gateway box. All three should be green. If the Room Thermostat or the gateway box has only just been switched on, it can take a few minutes after all lights go to green, before the website or mobile app will allow a successful login. If the lights are not all green, then this indicates a problem.

All three lights out: No Power. Ensure power adapter is fully inserted into the socket and the socket is switched on. Ensure the dc power plug is fully inserted into the back of the gateway. Does the socket have power? Check by plugging in another device.

Power light Amber: This should only happen for a short period at power up. Wait 30 seconds and this light should now be green. If it is not, try resetting the gateway by removing power, wait 30 seconds, then apply power. This should now initialise correctly.

Internet Light Amber: Establishing connection with the server. This should shortly change to green. If there is no Room Thermostat connected, the internet light will periodically change to Amber, then back to green.

Internet Light out: No connection to the server. This is usually indicative that the gateway does not have a valid internet connection. Check that the network cable is securely connected between the gateway and your internet router. Check that the router/modem is switched on and
connected to your phone line / Internet connection point. Can other devices such as your pc connect to the internet?

Internet Light flashing Amber: This is indicative that your gateway Is not registered with our website. This could also be caused if the Room Thermostat was inadvertently put into registration mode. Follow the steps in the section “Registering your Room Thermostat” in the user guide to register your system.

RF Link light out: No pairing information. Refer to section “Pairing and Connecting” in the user guide to pair your Room Thermostat with your Gateway.

RF Link Light Amber: No connection to the Room Thermostat. Check that the Room Thermostat is powered up, the low battery indicator is not flashing, and that the RF Link on the Thermostat is displayed. Check the “My Thermostat will not pair or repeatedly loses connection” above for information on how to improve this.

The room thermostat does not switch the central heating on/off.
Is the thermostat calling for heat? Ensure “ON” is displayed and press the “+” button to make sure that the temperature set point is higher than the current room temperature.

Battery very low. If the battery symbol is flashing on the display, the batteries may be too low to function correctly. Replace the batteries.

Does the relay switch? Ensure the set temperature is higher than the room temperature, then switch the function to “ON” You should hear an audible click as the Room Thermostat switches on.
Did you hear the click? Yes
The thermostat is most likely working correctly.
With reference to the installation manual, check the wiring is secure underneath the wiring cover. Also if your boiler has a programmer, ensure that the central heating is switched to “ON” If this does not solve the problem, then the fault may lay in the wiring or the boiler. Contact a heating engineer.

No – Possible faulty connection between the Room Thermostat and the Wall Mount. With reference to section “Changing the batteries” in the user manual, remove the thermostat from the wall mount, clean the gold pins and pads, then carefully replace it. Also ensure that the correct screws were used to mount the wall mount on to the wall. Then try to switch it on again.

What do I do if I sell the property my Ignite Thermostat is situated?
If you know the email address of the new owner of the property, then you change the email yourself in your online account under User tab. However just let us know via email and we can action from this end.

If my central heating is on but the graph shows that the boiler is not calling for heat, what does this mean?
As the graph shows that it is working to what is expected as per the profiles, then it likely to be a faulty zone valve and therefore you will need to call a plumber to look at your system.

I have changed my router but unable to connect back to the internet?
Just follow the below link in order to reconnect:

Where can I find your Installation manuals?
Our installation manuals are available here

Network Configuration

If the internet connection is lost, will my heating still work?
Yes, all functions can be set and adjusted on the Room Thermostat. Obviously during any internet downtime, you will not be able to control your heating via the website or smartphone.

What network settings do I require to run this system?
The system expects an IP address to be assigned by the router’s DHCP server. This is usually the default setup for most internet routers. In this case, simply connect to your router.

I have a Network Address Translator (NAT) and / or a Firewall, how do I configure these to work with the Internet Room Thermostat?
The systems are designed to work with these systems and no configuration is required. Simply connect to your router.

Do I need a static IP address from my Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
No, you do not. Our system is designed to work with a dynamically assigned IP address from your ISP (This is how most ISP's operate) You do not have to pay for a static IP address. However, if you have a static IP address for other reasons, the system will function just fine with this setup too.

Do I need to run a network cable to the Thermostat?
No. The Ignite series uses your WiFi connection.

Mobile Apps

Is there an app for my android based smart phone?
Is there an app for my iPhone or iPad?
Yes - IOS7 +

What web browsers or smart phones does it support?
The system is designed to work with all modern web browsers and phones.
Our Android app requires Android version 4 or above
Our Apple app requires IOS version 7 or higher.