9 Great Reasons to Buy our Smart Calendar Thermostats

Our Smart Calendar Thermostat is a very unique product that is ideal for a variety of different situations.
Perhaps you run a holiday property and would like to automatically turn the heating off when your guests leave?
Or perhaps you run a village hall and would like to integrate this into your booking system.

Here are 9 great reasons to choose the Inspire System.

  1. Convenience Through Calendar Integration
  2. If you already have a booking system, then you can easily turn your heating on and off based upon your bookings.
    If you don't have a booking system, then you can control your heating via any freely available iCal supported calendar e.g. Google Calendar.
  3. Simplify Heating Controls with our Locks
  4. Do your guests fiddle with heating controls? Or fail to understand how it works? With our locks you can simplify the thermostat for them by only offering a small subset of the controls, e.g. just a boost option, or perhaps only temperature adjustment.
  5. Setup Programs Remotely
  6. Easily change heating times remotely based on the seasons, outside temperatures and the needs of your guests without having to dig out the manual every time. This alone, can save you a small fortune on your heating.
  7. Notifications
  8. Setup and configure email or phone alerts to warn you when anything untoward happens, for example, if the room temperature is above 24 degrees, or the Thermostat is set too high.
  9. Track Usage
  10. See in real time your room temperature, boiler on times, target temperatures and more.
    All the information you need to find out if you are wasting energy and determine if there are any ways to save money.

    Our graphs will show 1 year of usage history.
  11. Larger Compatibility - We have systems available for Wired or Wireless, Gas, Oil or Electric Boilers
  12. We have a growing range of products which are suitable for properties with an existing wired or wireless Thermostat and those without any Thermostats.
    We support Combi and System boilers. We can also provide remote control of your hot water.
  13. Multi Zone and Multi Property Support
  14. Whether you have more than one heating zone, e.g. upstairs and downstairs, or several properties, this is no problem, simply add all of your Thermostats to one account and control them all from your phone or the web interface.
  15. UK Based Support & No Call Centres
  16. Just helpful, friendly help and advice, provided by staff based in the United Kingdom.
  17. Proudly Made in the United Kingdom
  18. All of our products are lovingly designed & produced in Britain.

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