Ignite - Wired (Heating Only)

In order to make maximum use of our Ignite Thermostat, please ensure that your system meets these requirements.
  • Ignite is compatible with virtually every type of central heating system (Gas, Oil, Combi, Electric boiler etc) It is also irrelevant as to who your energy supplier is (eg British gas, Npower etc).
  • A WiFi connection at the property.
Combi Boiler
  • Requires a minimum 3 Core cable run from the boiler to the Thermostat with Live, Switch Live and Neutral. For volt free operation, a 4 core cable from boiler to Thermostat is required.
  • Your boiler must be capable of using 3rd party external controls (Virtually every combi boiler does)
Conventional / System boiler with Hot water cylinder / Megaflo
  • NOTE the Wired Ignite (Heating Only) does NOT control hot water times, for this you would need the Wired Ignite (Heating and Hot Water) or the Ignite Wireless.
  • Requires a 3 Core cable from the Thermostat to the wiring centre. (Live, Switched Live and Neutral)
  • Requires Central heating and Hot water to be controllable independently (Not a gravity system) If you can switch your central heating on without switching on your hot water, then you have independent controls (Virtually all systems). If you do not have this, please use our wireless version.

If you cannot run our wired system then consider our wireless version.

If you are unsure, please email with your existing boiler make/model as well as any existing Thermostat(s) and programmer/timer and we will check and advise you on compatibility.