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***NEW*** Ignite Smart Sensor

Inspire Home Automation, the British Smart Heating Company, is proud to introduce our latest product to the Ignite Range – Ignite Smart Sensor.

This new sensor will detect temperature, motion and humidity to help improve the efficiency of your heating and alert you to excessive humidity that could lead to expensive repairs.

Do you have one or two rooms that are always colder than the rest of the house? Place the Ignite Sensor in this room to tell your Ignite thermostat what to do to make it more comfortable!

Do your tenants forget to turn the heating off when they go out? Simply place an Ignite Sensor in your hallway and if no motion is detected for 1* hour during the day, then your heating will be automatically switched off. But don't worry, we won't turn it off when they're asleep!
* time period is fully customisable

If your tenants are drying clothes in the property and not opening the windows, Ignite Sensor can let you know! Prolonged high humidity can lead to serious problems, such as mould and bacterial colonies so if you place an Ignite Sensor in every room it can help prevent and protect against a damp house.

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Running our older NS100x series? You will first need to upgrade to our Ignite Thermostat.