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Happy Easter to all of our customers.

We will be closed over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend from Friday 2nd April 2021 to Monday 5th April 2021.

Please message us by clicking on 'Contact Us' and completing the contact form at the bottom of the page. All messages will be monitored and if urgent responded too.

We wish you all a wonderful Easter and all other queries will be responded on our return on Tuesday 6th April 2021.

Boiler Plus
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Unique Thermostat Instantly Reduces Heating Bills!

Affordable Thermostats for Private Homes, HMO Landlords, Holiday Lets, Village Halls and more....

Wifi hermostats
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Ignite Smart Sensor

This new sensor will detect temperature, motion and humidity to help improve the efficiency of your heating and alert you to excessive humidity that could lead to expensive repairs.

Motion Detection, saves you money by automatically switching your heating off when the home is empty.

Detect Humidity to help detect people drying clothes inside before it creates mould problems.

Measure Temperature in a multiple locations to provide a more reliable home temperature and less vulnerable to the heating switching on when doors or windows being left open.

Compatibly with all Ignite Thermostats, find out more
Smart Sensor

Works with Amazon Alexa, providing you with voice control of your Smart Thermostat. Want to set your heating to 20 degrees? Simply ask Alexa!

Putting YOU in control, Ignite doesn't try to second guess what you want. You can enable / disable each smart feature to suit your needs.

Simple WiFi Solution. No messing about with hubs to connect into your router. This is one of the few Smart Thermostats that connect directly via WiFi.

Great value packages starting from just £174.99 inc VAT with no ongoing fees.

Instantly Control your heating from a Phone, Tablet or Laptop.

We Have Exactly What You Need. Combi/Conventional. Wired/Wireless. We have just the right system to suit your specific needs.

Automatic Updates. Ensures that your Thermostat is always running the latest software, so you always have access to the very latest features.

It is Easy to Get Started. Just Choose Your Thermostat by clicking on the appropriate button Below

Residential Landlord Calendar

Guaranteed to save you money!

Our Landlord Systems include our unique "saves you money or we buy it back" guarantee. Find out more.

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See when your heating is being used

Log in to your account and view the temperature inside your house last week, last month or even longer.
Find out when your boiler has called for heat and what temperature your house is being heated to.

99% compatible with current heating systems.

Plug 'n' Play

Our Thermostats are super-easy to use and even easier to install. Just simply get a trained electrician to replace your existing old-fashioned Thermostat with ours!

Discover how our thermostat can save you money year after year.

Now you can control your heating from anywhere using your phone, tablet or laptop.

See how to use our website to quickly and easily set up and control your heating.

No Cheap Imports! All of our products we sell are lovingly designed & produced in Britain.