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This device gives you remote access to your heating controls and the ability to monitor your central heating system from anywhere with an internet connection - "Never come home to a cold house again!" Also, if used correctly, you will save yourself money on those ever-increasing heating bills.

  • Geolocation - Your Thermostat knows when you are leaving home and can turn your heating down or off. It also knows when you are coming home and can turn your heating up or on!
  • Control your heating via Amazon Alexa & Google Assist



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This device will save you money in your HMO’s by preventing the heating from running 24/7 with the windows open.

The settings can be altered remotely by the account holder only, preventing tampering with the heating times. A convenient “Boost” feature is available for tenants to get heating outside the usual heating times.

  • Lockable - You choose what they have access too
  • Restrict Set Points – Choose the minimum and Maximum temperatures they can set it too



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Unique to Inspire Home Automation, perfect for anywhere where you want the heating available ONLY when you have a booking!

Holiday Lets
Holiday Parks
Village Halls
Scout Huts

  • Integrates into your booking system. This will work on all booking systems that support an iCalendar export. Systems that support this include AirBNB, Super Control, FLIPKEY, Google Calendar, Yahoo Calendar, Microsoft Outlook and many others.

Ignite Smart Sensor (one included with each bundle deal)

This smart sensor will detect temperature, motion, and humidity to help improve the efficiency of your heating and alert you to excessive humidity that could lead to expensive repairs.

It has three money saving functions:

1. Temperature
The Smart Sensor will measure temperature, wherever you decide to position it, either on the landing or in the bedroom, enabling you to run your heating from either the thermostat, sensor or the average temperature between them. You can monitor the temperatures from your online detailed graph and track the history over a period 12 months.

2. Motion
Do your tenants forget to turn the heating off when they go out? The Smart Sensor can be setup on a two-level rule system, first set the period of no motion detected and the lower temperature set, for example, 1 hour of no motion detected turn the heating down to 18 degrees. After another period of no motion ask it to be turned down further or off, for example, 4 hours of no motion turn down to 15 degrees. Once motion is detected it will start following your heating setup as normal.

All these settings are fully customisable by you!

3. Humidity
If your tenants are drying clothes in the property and not opening the windows, Ignite Sensor can let you know! Track the humidity wherever the sensor is positioned which enables you to track on your online app and receive notifications when it reaches over your set maximum humidity level, either by push notification or email. You choose!

You can add up to 8 smart sensors for each thermostat enabling you to monitor and save money on your heating.