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Remote Heating Thermostat

The clever way to heat your home

Introducing Inspire Home Automation's brand new internet controlled programmable Room Thermostat.

This device gives you remote access to your heating controls and the ability to monitor your central heating system from anywhere with an internet connection - "Never come home to a cold house again!" Also, if used correctly, you will save yourself money on those ever increasing heating bills.

Residential Thermostats

Installation of the Ignite range is similar to that of a standard Programmer or Thermostat. An electrician/plumber/heating engineer who is confident in installing heating controls should have no problems installing the Ignite Thermsotat. Once installed follow our simple 3 step setup process and you will be up and running in no time.

Buy now from only £174.99 and no ongoing fees.

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Our Thermostat works with 99% of current central heating systems.

Learn how our thermostat works

See for yourself just how easy it is to save money with our fully remote controlled heating system.

Key features

Control from anywhere

Change the temperature, Set profiles, Change timers and more from your phone, tablet or computer.
Residential Thermostats

Weekend / Weekday or 7 Day?

Your timers can be configured differently for the weekends and weekdays, or every day.


Our Thermostat is smart! So smart it will turn your heating off when you leave your home.

Temperature Profiling

Use temperature profiling to set varied temperatures throughout the day to suit you.

No Ongoing Fees

Once you choose to buy your Thermostat from us that's it. No continued costs.

99% compatible with current heating systems.
30 minute installation from a trained electrician.

Introducing Geolocation

Your Thermostat knows when you are leaving home and can turn your heating down or off. It also knows when you are coming home and can turn your heating up or on!

The clever way to heat your home.


See when your heating is being used

Log in to your account and view the temperature inside your house last week, last month or even longer.
Find out when your boiler has called for heat and what temperature your house is being heated to.
Thermostats for Landlords

You could save on your energy bills after Installation.

Plug and Play

Our Thermostats are easy to use and even easier to install. Just simpy get a trained electrician to replace your existing Thermostat with ours!

Get your hands on the Remote Heating Thermostat everyone is talking about.

buy now from only £174.99 and no ongoing fees.
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We're proud about our Wireless Thermostat & to show you what it can really do, we're offering you a free demo.
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